Sang Falsus
Food cans
Japan, 2012

"Mushrooms and meat, spinach and seafood, green tea and dairy…such foods are most susceptible to radioactive contamination.  Living in Japan today, we know this.  But suspicion of the very food we eat is not a unique condition.  Headlines just in the past month revealed that 70% of Indian milk is contaminated with fillers like fertilizers and detergents, that shiitake mushrooms grown near Tokyo were found to be highly radioactive and that most ground beef sold in the US contains “pink slime.”   The illusive search for food that is definitively nourishing has grown akin to that for the Holy Grail, the Sang Real.
What distinguishes food from waste, holy from ordinary, real from false, saying grace from a simple act of faith?  These are mysteries requiring more effort to unscramble than most are willing to put forth.  So raise your glass, ladies and gentlemen, to the new era of nutritional chance, tricks and illusions, wonders and edible mysteries."

Mandala Offering Bowl
Bhutanese truck inner tubes
Bhutan, 2012

Ironed plastic bags
Commission for Whole Foods Market
Portland, Oregon, 2009

Tibetan Buddhist Thangka of Aria Achala, paying tribute to "zero waste." Plastic bottle and textiles hand woven from plastic and scrap thread. Bhutan, 2016