Plastic wrapper textile with experimental patterning

Supplementary warp patterned textile, "three-legged Hor" style. Woven on a backstrap loom.
Bhutan, 2015

Supplementary weft patterned textile.
Woven on a backstrap loom.
Bhutan, 2015
Below: Tablet Woven belt experiments with card transpositioning (left) and Bhutanese supplemental weft patterning (far right). Woven on a backstrap loom with x-ray tablets.
Cotton textile woven without plastic (left) and with plastic wrapper supplementary weft (right). Woven on a backstrap loom.
Plastic technique developed for the Samdrup Jongkhar Initiative in Bhutan in 2014.


Wedding obi belt woven from cotton thread, plastic chip wrappers and silk brocade on a backstrap loom. Silk obishime tie (left) was ply-split woven. Wedding belt photos (except right photo) taken by Josh Seaman


Plastic wrapper textile with a spaced warp. Bhutan 2014.